Choosing a quality band for wedding

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We believe that being professional and communicating with clients regarding every single detail is a key to making people happy and delivering a great entertainment. Nothing prohibits you from hiring a local band you love, but when hiring bands unnacustomed to playing at weddings, be very clear about the arrangements. Gigs at clubs can run behind schedule with no one blinking an eye, but on your wedding day, you don't want to be worried about band showing up late. 

In terms of quality, hire a band that works together regularly, check out live records and references. Professional equipment and knowledge around setting up good quality sound is important. In considering the size of the band, both budget and and venue will be factors. As a general guidline, a well- rounded band will consist of six to ten musicians with a dedicated vocalist or two- is the norm. 

Song choice is another important detail. Keep in mind that guests are more likely to enjoy the music they know than music they don't. Energy comes from the songs band plays as well as performance. 

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